Monday, July 21, 2014

Children's museum!

This last week on one of Brian's days off we took the ladies to the cute little children's museum downtown, they had so much fun, and it was pretty dang cute. I'm afraid though that my oldest will be getting past the stage to enjoy these kinds of things here pretty soon and will complain of boredom and won't want to participate with stuff like this but..... to bad she'll still have to go, at least for a little while, I mean it's family time right? :) We were excited to run into some friends of ours The Brown's who we haven't seen in a few years so it was great to see them. Well onto a different subject, my sweet Mylei was asked to serve as the first counselor in the beehive presidency, We are so thrilled for this calling for her, she will do a great job! Now on to Jordyn who we call Jo Jo, if any of you don't know the girl has a sense of smell like a blood hound, Well in the middle of sacrament today she was talking to Brian in loud whispers, I'm afraid the girl doesn't get the concept of being quiet, anyways she stops mid sentence and starts sniffing the air, and says "I smell something," and keeps sniffing and then she says," I smell a swerpy," and of course the whole row tries not to bust up laughing. where does this kid come from we couldn't smell anything, and didn't realize slurpees has a smell but they do. come to find out it was lauryn's Chapstick she was smelling, good laws what a silly girl. well that was pretty much our week besides the regular everyday things. hope everyone has a great week.


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