Monday, July 21, 2014

Children's museum!

This last week on one of Brian's days off we took the ladies to the cute little children's museum downtown, they had so much fun, and it was pretty dang cute. I'm afraid though that my oldest will be getting past the stage to enjoy these kinds of things here pretty soon and will complain of boredom and won't want to participate with stuff like this but..... to bad she'll still have to go, at least for a little while, I mean it's family time right? :) We were excited to run into some friends of ours The Brown's who we haven't seen in a few years so it was great to see them. Well onto a different subject, my sweet Mylei was asked to serve as the first counselor in the beehive presidency, We are so thrilled for this calling for her, she will do a great job! Now on to Jordyn who we call Jo Jo, if any of you don't know the girl has a sense of smell like a blood hound, Well in the middle of sacrament today she was talking to Brian in loud whispers, I'm afraid the girl doesn't get the concept of being quiet, anyways she stops mid sentence and starts sniffing the air, and says "I smell something," and keeps sniffing and then she says," I smell a swerpy," and of course the whole row tries not to bust up laughing. where does this kid come from we couldn't smell anything, and didn't realize slurpees has a smell but they do. come to find out it was lauryn's Chapstick she was smelling, good laws what a silly girl. well that was pretty much our week besides the regular everyday things. hope everyone has a great week.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Been a loooong while!

Wow! Well it's been what 2 years since I last posted something on our blog? It's crazy how life keeps you busy and things you enjoy seem to get put to the wayside, and with FB my poor blog has completely been neglected. Lots and lots of things have happened since I have last posted I'll only touch on a few, the girls of course have gotten older, Mylei is now 12, Lauryn is 9, Emery is 6, and Jordyn is 3, and no more new additions for us, but added a few nieces and actually nephews, We have moved a few times, had a few callings, met some of the most amazing people and are grateful for having so, lots of happy times and a few not so happy, but we are still here and moving on the best way we know how, but that's what life is all about right? So the biggest thing as of late is that we have made a big move, we were so extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to transfer to the beautiful, (albeit hotter than heck,) St. George Ut. For Brian's job, he has been working for this amazing company called Rescue Alert, they make and monitor the medical alert necklaces, he is a supervisor in their St. George dispatch center, and really enjoys it. So that is the main reason for dusting off this blog is so we can keep in touch with family up in Salt Lake,(yohoo, Hi! Family.) I wish I had the time to call or text everyone everyday but you know life gets busy and I find the older my kids get the busier we are which I don't know why I thought when my kids get older I'll have more time to do the stuff I love, pfffffff! And then reality knocked. But you know between young women's, swimming lessons and all that, that comes along with raising kids I wouldn't trade it for the world, I love my life right now, it's not perfect, and yes my house is still not close to unpacked, but my kids are healthy, and most of the time happy;) but we are excited to start this new adventure in our new home hotter than heck St. George, so feel free to come along and see what happens. I can't promise I'll always be on top of it but I'll do my best.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a slacker! 2011!

Okay, I know, I know, I've been such a huge slacker keeping up on our blog, but lets face it, when you have a baby that only recently has started to sleep through the night and its still not a consistent thing, a lot of days I'm in survival mode, so I'm going to pretty much do what I did the previous year "a year in review." We of course all had birthdays, Lauryn first who turned 6 March 5th, and Mylei turned 9 on March 10th. In April we were so blessed to be able to take a week long vacation to California and take the girls to Disneyland, the beach, and to visit Brian's uncle and his family. And honestly I can't believe how smoothly the vacation went we had a few minor hiccups but for the most it went flawlessly and it was so much fun and we didn't want to leave, we talk about it all the time and can't wait to go back some day hopefully soon. Mylei and Lauryn finished school, Myeli 3rd grade and Lauryn Kindergarten, Emery of course growing and learning and talking and the big one getting potty trained right before we went to Disneyland which was awesome but since she was still new at it I think we saw every bathroom there, she and Lauryn finished dance which they loved. And then there's Jordyn growing "leaps and bounds," as a baby does, she sure adds so much to our family and we love her so much. Since the girls were on year round school they didn't have much of a summer break, so we did as much fun outdoor summer things we could, swimmimg, splash pad trips, a visit to the copper mine, the zoo, and of course Lagoon, which besides Disneyland was the favorite of the summer they look forward to it every year. Well as the summer vacation ended the girls started school again, Mylei in 4th and Lauryn in 1st, which she was so excited about so she could eat lunch at school. Emery turned 4 and got her ears pierced, and was so brave. Well we had started realizing that our tiny little town home that we lived in was just to small for our growing family, so we decided it was time for us to start looking for a bigger place to move to. Well we found a place out in Eagle Mountain that was bigger and in our price range and it seemed to happen really fast so by Halloween we were moved into our new house, the girls had a little bit of an adjustment at first but they have been good. Me on the other hand have had a little bit of a harder time just because we are so far away from everything and we only have 1 car at the moment, but we are adjusting. The week before we moved though Brian lost his full time job, so that was a huge stress, Thanksgiving came and went pretty uneventful. And then came our little Jo Jo's first birthday, I can't believe how fast the year went by she really has been such a joy to our lives, she loves to make her sisters laugh, she loves to look out the windows at our neighbors 2 huge dogs and barks at them, and she does not stop moving. Christmas was a lot fun unfortunately we had no snow and really haven't had any this year which I don't know if I ever remember having such a dry winter. We welcomed in 2012 pretty uneventful also, we are not the most exciting people in the world, but hey we try. Brian surprised me with awesome concert tickets to see one of my favorite bands "The Zac Brown band," It was so awesome, I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling, I really do have the best hubby in the world. Brian found a full time job at a brand new store called Gordman's so that was a huge blessing. And now full circle Lauryn and Mylei both had birthdays again Lauryn now 7 and Mylei 10 wow! I am old enough to have a child in double digits, geez! Well hopefully that updates us and I can be much better at keeping everything current.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Emery is such joy to have in our family she makes life so interesting, there is never a dull moment with her around. The other day we were driving in the car Brian and I were talking, the big girls were in the back doing their thing, and out of the blue Emery yells PEANUT BUTTER! just so randomly we got quiet in the car looked at her and then started laughing, tonight during Family Home Evening she again randomly blurted out APPLES! Last week during dinner one night Emery was talking to Brian this was the conversation: Emery: Dad, Jesus died. Brian: Yes he did, he died for us. Emery: Ya, he was walking and got hit by a truck. Brian: Ummm????? looking at me with questions in his eyes and trying not to bust up I looked back trying not to bust up shrugged and changed the subject, Huh? where does she come up with this stuff I mean seriously. We should have tried to correct her but she was so sure that it happened that way and when that happens you just don't argue with her. I mean shes 3 for crying out loud. Note: we will be having a Family Home Evening later on the correct way it went down, when the idea is not so fresh in her mind. We love our Emery.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jordyn Noel Shepherd!

Okay now on to the newest addition to our family, Jordyn She arrived with help I might add, on December 10th 2010, I went in to the Dr. the Monday before and seriously had made NO! progress whats so ever and I was getting very irritated that she was in no hurry to get here, and my poor family was taking the brunt of my irritation, I still feel bad, but during my appointment he did have good news that if I didn't go in to labor by Friday he would induce me,and of course I didn't go on my own my kids have to be forced out. Friday morning came around and I had to call and see if they could fit me in or see if they were to busy well she said that they were pretty busy and she would call me in a few hours and see if things ease up a bit and I could come in then. Ummm! ya that's not what you want to tell a pregnant women who is soooo! done being pregnant and looking forward to finally having a light at the end of the tunnel, I was brave and held it together albeit a little irritated, I know those things can't be helped but when she called again and if said she couldn't fit me in I might have gone a little postal, Okay I know this sounds very dramatic buts that's the way we roll around here, drama is the motto, and really being prego that stuff just happens. I know I wouldn't have gone postal but I would have plopped myself on the couch and at least would have had a good cry. Good grief look at me posting a 100 words about me being a dramatic pregnant person instead of telling you about the arrival of my sweet baby. Well luckily a few hours later when she called again she asked me if I was ready to have my baby and I of course jumped up and said"heck ya!" we dropped off Emery at my awesome neighbor Caitlins she watched the other ladies till my sister in law Carrie could come get them. We arrived at the hospital and started the check in process and asked if I wanted my awesome friend Steph to be my nurse and of course I did, I was a little nervous about having a good friend of mine being my nurse and all involved in my business, but it was the best move ever. I loved her she was so calming and reassuring and spoiled me rotten. while she was getting all my health info we started talking about the Dr. who delivered Emery and I did not want him being my Dr. again he was horrible, he wasn't my normal Dr. just the on call one so he delivered her anyways not a good experience. while we were talking about him who do you think comes walking in to break my water? Sure enough the not so cool Dr. we were talking about literally at that very moment he was walking in. Opps! hopefully he didn't here anything we were saying. He said my regular Dr., Dr. Hutchinson was really busy and asked if he could come in and break my water so he didn't have to drive a long way just to that. "Okay as long as he wasn't going to deliver my baby then I guess that's okay," I said to myself. After he did that he left and all was good, I do have to say I'm so glad my water didn't break anywhere else because I had Niagara falls in there, and it wouldn't have been a good situation outside of the hospital. Steph told me I probably would want to get my epidural right then 1: because they were getting busy and 2: she was betting I was going to progress very fast since this was my 4th baby. So I said okay bring it on I don't do pain. The Anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about everything and was sitting on my bed talking and I had to interupt him and tell him he might want to move unless he wanted to get wet, he jumped up so stinkin fast it was hilarious. (I hope this isn't TMI for you all but like I said when I started this blog its kind of replacing my journal of sorts.) Well I got my epidural and hunkered down for the long wait ahead, We sat around and I tried to get some sleep but let's face it from that moment on I wasn't going to get much sleep for a while. A few hours later Jordyn's heart beat got very irregular and a different nurse came in to check on me since Steph was checking another patient in, well they still couldn't really get her heart beat they kept moving the Doppler thing around and then started moving me back and forth and still couldn't get it and I started getting really nervous, Steph came back in and said let's check you and then said, "well are you ready to have a baby?" Serious?!! I thought it would be a long time not 3 hours, but sure enough she decided she was ready to come, and that's why we couldn't get a good reading on her heart beat. Steph told me not to cough, sneeze, or move really because she was ready to come and she still had to call Dr. Hutchinson, luckily he was in the hospital doing a surgery so he didn't have to go far but I still had to wait till he was done with that. Steph said don't worry I have delivered a 100 babies so not to worry if he didn't make it, but she was sure on his case to hurry and get up there and good thing he did because I started feeling like she wasn't going to wait and that Brian might actually be delivering her. He got there just in time, she had the cord wrapped around her neck pretty good and that's why her heart beat was doing that. But Jordyn Noel Shepherd was born @ 4:59pm. A healthy and strong 7lbs. 11oz., I remember saying she looked so small and the Dr. said she wasn't really but he didn't know what I was expecting I felt like she was going to be like 9 lbs. because I was so huge, but it was probably because I had Niagara falls in there that I was so big, not kidding. I was so lucky to have everything go so well and had great people to take good care of me. The girls of course wanted to come up and see her so my sister in law brought them up. They couldn't stay long since it was getting late and Emery was getting into everything and I mean everything. They came a few times to visit but lets face it the hospital just isn't designed to entertain little kids. After a few days in the hospital they released us and we got to bring our 4th baby girl home and she has been such a joy we love her so much and can't imagine our family without her.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2010 catchup part 3!

Okay we are on the final stretch, aren't you so happy? So fall came around we took the ladies to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins of course that's a yearly ritual, Brian HATES! it because that means 3 pumpkins to hollow out and carve, but this year with me being pregnant I didn't care at all if he did it this year so we had the girls just paint them he was alright with that idea.
Halloween this year was very cold and wet. My cute niece Emma of course came trick or treating with us which she has for the last couple of years I believe she was a butterfly fairy, Mylei was a Hawaiian princess,Lauryn was a pink skeleton, and Emery was 2 things Minnie Mouse but that costume was to cold so she was also a yellow Care Bear and a pretty dang cute one at that. I rained the whole night we walked a lot and my brother drove his car behind us so the girls could duck in there every once in awhile and warm up. After a few hours we all had, had enough so we went back to our place and had home made chicken noodle soup, and tried to dry out but it was still a fun night.
Well this year we told the girls they could pick 1 extra curricular activity to do after school this year they usually did dance and Girl Scouts but the budget was tight this year, so Mylei and Lauryn chose Girl Scouts and Emery did dance. This was the first year she was able to dance and she loooves! it, she had her first dance recital during Christmas time, Oh by the way I'm doing this post out of chronological order because I want to devote a whole separate post about Jordyn's arrival she came in the middle of all this hoopla. Anyways back to Emery's dance recital she did soo! good and looked soooooo! dang cute. Christmas also came in the middle of all this excitement and with recitals,a baby being born, just trying to get all our Christmas shopping finished, It was a bit crazy and felt over whelming at times. I decided to make the girls quilts so getting them tied and also Mylei fell ill at school and had a seizure in her classroom, so that was very scary they think she had a viral illness that made her body react to it by having a seizure so Brian spent a whole day in the E.R. with her but she hasn't had any since so we just keep an eye out for her. So by the time Christmas arrived we were all feeling a bit frazzled. On Christmas Eve we had our annual Christmas Eve dinner with Brian's cousin Michael and his family the kids of course have so much fun playing with each other, and we make them all sit in front of the Christmas tree in their jammies and take a picture, It's been fun seeing how big our families and children have grown. Right now they don't mind too much getting their picture taken but I give it a few years and we will be threatening them to make them sit their and pretend they are excited to be there. The next morning was great we opened presents and then ate cinnamon rolls,We were supposed to get together with family but both sides of our families were all pretty sick so we didn't have much to do but relax and play so we decided to take the girls to go see the new Disney princess movie Tangled and of course they loved it and we came home and had our traditional ham and cheese potatoes for dinner it was such a fun day spending time with our well not so little family.
Right after Christmas Lauryn lost her first tooth and was such a trooper, (compared to a certain other sibling that will remain nameless.) She was so excited to have the tooth fairy come and give her some money under her pillow well the next morning she looked under her pillow and the Tooth fairy totally slacked and forgot, ya! I know not our finest parenting moment, don't judge I was sleep deprived, but we explained that she probably got held up in the really bad snow storm we had, had that night, that seemed to kind of passify her so the tooth fairy actually remembered and she woke up the next day to $5 under pillow so she was so super stoked. ya! had to kind of make up for the bad parent move on our part. Well that's pretty much it I will post later about Jordyn's arrival. But I want to end by saying it was such a good year with a few rough spots that I can't really complain about but more better ones, we were extremely blessed this year to have some very loving family and friends. Our Heavenly father has also shown us that he does answer our prayers even if its not the way we are thinking and it may take several years but he does know us and what we need and will bless us extremely as long as we have faith and patience I again have felt so blessed to have had past the experiences we have had this last year, I feel like it has made me grow and appreciate many, many things that I didn't even realize were such blessings in my life.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2010 Catchup part 2!

Well hopefully you didn't die of boredom from my lengthy post part 1. So if you didn't get enough here is part 2. As soon as the girls got out of school we hurried and tried to fit in as much inexpensive fun as we possibly could before school started again, they are on year round so they don't get much of a summer. Well one day we decided to take them down to Provo and have lunch and see Bridal Vail Falls up Provo Canyon, It was a really hot day so it was perfect to go and let the girls cool off in the water, but it was super crowded so it was hard to find a spot and play but they still managed to have a good time, on the way home we of course had to stop at Krispie Kreme Doughnuts and get a doughnut and watch a batch get made, the girls found that pretty entertaining as did I, I had never been there to see that. Brian decided to take Mylei and Lauryn to Lagoon, they had to go separate times because I couldn't go being prego and all. But they had the best time, and didn't want to come home, didn't get any pictures of that of course since I wasn't there but they couldn't stop talking about it for days after. Well one of the interesting things that happened during the summer was the Machine Gun fire, what happened was we live just over the other side of the mountain to a military base called Camp Williams well soldiers were out practicing their military weapon stuff ( know I'm totally technical,) and a spark from one of their machine guns set some dry grass on fire and well it got out of control really fast and lit the whole mountain on fire pretty much. At the time we were at Brians sisters house and then decided to stop at a friends house for a few min. While we were there we could see smoke just filling the sky and they don't live super close to us. So we decided to head for home, and good thing we did at the time because shortly after we got home they closed off the roads going into Herriman so no one could get in, people could get out but if you left there was no getting in. On our way home from our friends house we couldn't believe how bad the fire was. It looked even worse when we got home, so needless to say we didn't have a good night worrying about if we were going to be evacuated or not. I remember looking out my bedroom window and just watching the fire come closer and closer to the houses, the wind was so bad it would blow the fire into what looked like fire tornadoes Brian was cool as a cucumber but not me I tried to get as much packed up as possible so just in case we did get evacuated we could just pick up and go. It sure made me realize how ill prepared we are for an emergency like that. It was strange how quiet everything seemed to be the next day except hearing the helicopters dropping water on the hot spots. It took them several days if not longer to get all the hot spots taken care of. luckily one one was seriously injured or killed in it but 3 families lost their houses and everything they owned it was so sad, it sure made me grateful we were okay. Well onto a happier note Mylei and Lauryn started school I don't have pictures of Mylei's pictures of her first day because they were on my old phone and it broke and we forgot to transfer the all my pictures before we got a new one so sad day, anyways but I do have Lauryn's since kindergartners don't start school at the same time as the other kids. Mylei started 3rd grade which I can't believe. Lauryn wanted to ride the bus with Mylei so we followed the bus to school like we did with Mylei and then took pictures of her lining up getting ready to go inside. She was kind of nervous but went in like a champ, she came home and we asked how it was and she said it was "fine" and went to play without another word about it. That's just how Lauryn is a girl of few words especially if something really didn't excite her, so we left it at that. On September 30th our Emery turned 3, she wanted a Minnie Mouse party so I of course we decorated in Minnie Mouse and made Minnie Mouse cupcakes which I might add turned out pretty dang cute if I say so myself. We had it at a park and let the kids play, had cupcakes opened presents and that was about it but she loved it, and we sure love her she adds so much fun and excitement to our family and for sure keeps us on our toes but our home wouldn't be the same without her. Well this ends post #2 hopefully it won't be too long till I can get #3 out there and we could actually be up to date somewhat. See ya next time.